Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Good Life...

200 million africans suffer from chronic hunger every year. Food being scarce is something that is unheard of in the first world. Not being able to own your own yatch is more likely to be an issue, animal rights, gay rights, abortion and the likes are key debates. Do we allow for the killing of whales or not because its a species that could become extinct is more of an issue. Greenpeace takes pride in not accepting donations from companies or from the corporate sector, feels the kyoto protocol is a key accomplishment, and not for a moment am I undermining the importance of having a cleaner atmosphere, a greener earth to live upon, after all this all translates into the good life. But picture this, Greenpeace spent in 06 a total of 121.399 million Euros. Their biggest area of focus, marine operations and forests combined comes to almost 32 million Euros. By contrast the total aid to Africa is USD 104 Billion, almost all of this to the sub saharan Africa. The biggest contingent of that aid goes to Nigeria almost 10.8 billion dollars. A major donor to the cause is Japan.
The total Crude oil production from Nigeria and Angola alone stands at 284 Billiob USD. Almost 80% of the revenues account to ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron. All of that goes to bring in the good life to the west, at the expense of lesser humans, to whom living is luxury!

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