Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About a dog

We climb the stairs to the first floor, there is a reef on the door, sounds of a dog barking emerge while the door is being unlocked, as the door opens I see the dog for the first time, and I am thinking god no, not a dog, ive never been able to relate to one, whats even more difficult for me, is to pretend that I like the dog. Baxter!, she says, sit down, Baxter on the other hand has other ideas. He is trapped inside the kitchen, and is excited, as the trap door is set loose, he runs out and starts to climb on me, he needs to go for a walk, she says. I am pretending to like the dog, never liked touching them, she puts a leash around him and takes him for a walk, I follow behind.
I climb the stairs again, knock on the door, the dog barks, the door opens, baxter jumps towards me, I wish there was some better way to do it. I sit on the Ottoman watching the TV. Baxter is running all over the place, he looks at me every now and then, but mostly he is playing on his own. Suddenly I notice that he is sitting right beside me. Looking straight into my eyes, big black eyes, dark brown hair on his head, his long ears drooping, I focus back to the TV. Instantaneously, he puts his right paw on my knee, followed by the left paw, dredges forward, and starts to climb into my lap. Now you have to realize this is a big dog, and he is completed nested in my lap. I extend my neck to look over his head and continue to watch the TV. He raises his neck, uses a paw, to grab my hand, and lowers his neck to my hand held by his paw. Out of instinct, I start to rub his neck, he shows his appreciation as any one being loved would. I put my second arm around him, and start talking to him, you like me don’t you, don’t you, he has tongue out, and he heaving.
I drive over, and Baxter is out for a walk, I take his leash, and take him around for a walk, we walk through the trees, through the houses, parking areas, into a park. Baxter stops every now and then to look for something, responds to my voice, runs all over the place, makes me run behind him. Turns around, steps on me, climbs on me till his paws are touching my chest, I hold his paws, and we walk, dance, people around us look, smile, it’s a nice evening, the sun is setting nicely…


Amanda said...

I love the fact that you have been converted to a dog lover!

S! said...

i dont know about dogs, but baxter is my buddy!